Piercing Price list 

Ear Piercings

Earlobe                     $70

Cartilage                   $70

Tragus                       $70

Antitragus                $70

Snug                          $70

Rook                          $70 

Industrial                 $100


Facial Piercings

Labret                       $70

Septum                     $70

Medusa                     $80

Monroe                     $80

Bridge                       $90

Cheeks/dimples      $90

Tongue                      $70

Nostril                       $70

Eyebrow                   $70

Lip                             $70


Body Piercings

Navel                       $70

Nipple  $70 (both)$90



One                          $70

Two                         $100

Three                      $150

Four                        $200


Removal                $25 ea


all piercings include jewelry and aftercare

Estimated Initial Heal Times


The following are the piercings we perform and the estimated minimum amount of time needed to heal before it is safe to change your jewelry. Because many factors influence how quickly a piercing will heal some people will heal faster, while others will take longer. Please be aware that these are only initial healing times. Most piercings will take years before they can be left out for any extended length of time without shrinking or closing.


Earlobe (up to 10 gauge): 6-8 wks.

Earlobe (over 10 gauge): 2-3 mos.

Ear cartilage: 2-3 mo.

Ear construction, Industrial: 3-6 mos.

Nostril: 2-3 mo.

Lip, Monroe, Philtrum: 6-8 wks.

Tongue: 4-6 wks.

Septum: 6-8 wks.

Eyebrow: 6-8 wks.

Navel: 3-6 mos.

Nape piercing (surface bar): 6-9 mos.

Single point piercing: 3-4 mos.


Female nipple: 3-6 mos.

Male nipple: 2-3 mos.




Body Piercing Aftercare


Aftercare varies by piercing. Your piercer will inform you of the specific steps for your piercing.